Our vision - 

to be the new global standard in toilet flushing technology and to significantly contribute to environment benefits and sustainablility through energy saving and a reduced fresh water consumption by more than 70%.

Our Mission

Save enormous amounts of fresh water when flushing your toilet

Our patented watersaving technique is adaptable with existing water toilets and reduces the water utilization with more than 70% per flushing. This means that the average person saves around 9.000 liters of fresh water every year. For a family of four, watersaving of a full size garden pool in means of liters of water. No other technique comes even close to this. 

How can we make this happen?

We combine a vacuum pressure together with water from the water cistern and create a powerful force to empty the watertrap. This is done without electricity

Saving engergy and climate

Our solution saves energy consumptions corresponding to a full size refrigerator

And how do we do this?

What's the technology?

We use the water pressure in the waterconduits and transform this power into a air vacuum pulse that is connected to a empty space in-between the toilet watertrap and a subsequent watertrap.

How does it work?

When the user push the empty button on the toilet the water cistern releases around 1,6 liters of water and simoultaneously the vaccum pulse empty the water trap with a power of about 60 kilos related to vacuum pressure. Everyting that has been lying in the toilet watertrap moves down to the subsequent lower watertrap and fresh water filles the toilet watertrap. 

A common problem with a regular toilet with two flushing options with one for urinating is that they quite often create paper jams in the sewage pipes. This because the paper is usually the last thing that leaves the watertrap when flushing. Our technology solves this problem as the paper stays in the lower watertrap and gets macerated in the water before it flowes down in the sevage pipes. 

How to install?

Our product and technique is an adaptor that gets connected to the regular mounting/built-in WC. None of our technology is visible for the user of the toilet. 

How to maintain?

The maintenance is more or less the same as for a regular toilet. The only difference is that you have a larger inspection panel compared with the regular mounting/built-in toilet. 

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Adaptable to regular bathrooms

Our technuiqe is fittable to all kinds of toilets with a normal sewage system connected. That means most toilets in the world. We speak about a global adaptability.

Third world - acutely situation

Our technuiqe is a direct driver of water saving efforts in developed countries but also a leveraged technique that enable water flushing teqniques in developing countries that aimes for a more modern water infrastructure as our innovation reduces the need for fresh water and at the same time delivers a forceful service.

Fresh water - an ending resource

Did you know that olny one percentage of the whole worlds total fresh water is avaible to humans? We use more water than we save for future generations. This is by no means sustainable.



Bo Mattsson, Innovator & founder. Bo is a well experiensed engineer with a technique portfolio consisting of a number of patented products and technical solutions that has been applicable through several industries. Now he focuses only on the new techniqe for water toilet flushing. 


Several partners are involved in this R&D project, advising in technical matters and commersial challenges. We are funded by a governemental programme togethter with private funds. 



Test begins during 2021


Test begins during 2021


Test begins during 2021


Test begins during 2021